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iOS 9.3 New and Improved?

It is this time of the year where Apple has released its new software update, entitled 9.3. They say it is their most eventful update in years, but can we really know that for sure? When I first saw the update, I was skeptical because I assumed it would just be another “bug-fixed” update. I decided to download it thinking why not? After the download completed I explored the settings options for new tricks or additions. At first the screen looked the same to me as it did before the update but after playing around a little I found new features as to what the update promised. With the new NightShift update, your iOS device will now adjust the screen’s brightness to reduce the strain on your eyes at night. However, it does not just lower the brightness, it recolors the screen to better suit your eyes because the original screen color can cause a disruption in the sleep schedules. The device uses geolocation technology to determine when the sun rises and sets in your area, so it can better adjust the screens coloring! This is a neat little trick for people who work late at night so the screen will cause less strain in your eyes.



To activate NightShift, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on Settings from your Home screen.
  2. Click Display & Brightness.
  3. Click Night Shift.
  4. Turn on “Scheduled’
  5. Modify the time to your liking
  6. Tap Sunset to Sunrise.




There its that simple! No more unnecessary glares in your eyes! Now on to the next feature which is where you can set a Touch ID password to your Notes app.  With these helpful feature you can set a password to protect your information such as financial or other passwords you may have noted down. This was a well-needed addition to the system because with the Touch ID password set on the notes, it will make it more difficult for hackers and for people who have stolen your phone would not be able to access it!



To activate Touch ID password on your Notes app:

  1. Click on Settings from your Home screen.
  2. Click on Notes.
  3. Click on Password.
  4. Enter a Password.
  5. Enter the same password again to Verify.
  6. Switch Touch ID to on.


More updates include the News app. The new update makes the app more personalized to the users liking and now includes a new top stories page. You can also change the size of the text in the articles to make it easier to read.




The Health app is getting more accessible with this update. The app now has classifications for your Apple Watch’s move, exercise, stand trackers, and tracks your daily goals.



If you like music, you’re going to be more impressed with Apple Music. The new update has made it so adding songs to your playlist is easier and more direct.




People with the new iPhone 6S now have the option to capture a duplicate photo from live photos. Just simply tap “Duplicate” and your phone makes an exact photo of that live photo. It is now easier to share with airdrop and iMessage.


With the new and improved iBooks, you can now add previously purchased audiobooks from the iBooks Store. You can also share your audiobooks purchases with anyone in your Family Sharing network.




With Apple Classroom. Teachers are easily connected with students. Now you may be thinking, “I already have Google Classroom, what’s the difference?” Well, Apple Classroom lets teachers check on their student’s current progress and give further lesson plans. Teachers have access to a new Screen View command, which lets them look at any iPad screen in their class. They can also use Remote Control to launch a specific app, website, or eBook page on every iPad in the classroom. For kids who are not paying attention, teachers can now lock specific apps so the students cannot use them anymore.



This update brings forth new changes that Apple has promised will hope to bring many more in the future!

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Quizlet App Review

Quizlet is an easy app to use for school. It allows for creation of vocabulary cards and sets right from your device! Say you write vocabulary words on a piece of paper which you worked hard on, but you lose the piece of paper, worrisome isn’t it? With Quizlet it allows for you to create flashcards directly on your device and saves it when you are done. You don’t lose any progress or any of the words as well. You can also make folders and share the vocabulary sets with your classmates to help each and everyone of you!


Say for example you needed to study for a biology test with included many terms. You create a new set and fill in a word such as I created on the left. The word goes on the left  while the definition goes on the right. After you create the set,  as you can see in the screenshots below, this app is very useful for studying. It includes many study tactics such as match, learn, test, and cards which are varied in their own ways.






















This app does is not designed for specific class, many other classes include history, english, science, even terms for math! I personally have used this app for an English Midterm which was a great way to help me study all the terms and even concepts. It is a great app for memorizing or even just keeping track of your words. This app for you as a student will help you organize and remember the words in a stress free fashion to allow for you to achieve the highest grade possible. Did I mention it was free? I highly recommend this app!

Click here to download the app: