TweetDeck + #techteamMA=learning for everyone

CdOVf_-WwAAy1r4This week was a very fun week because there were so many interesting events going on. First there was the app reviews which was very exciting because it was my first time doing a review, especially an app. For this topic, I chose Quizlet which is an app that lets you create and sort many sets of vocabulary words into decks. From the decks, you can then create folders. With these folders containing many sets of vocabulary, it allows you to share with other classmates so everyone benefits from it. At first, I didn’t know which app to pick which stumped me for a while. At first I was considering doing a preinstalled app such as iMovie, but I wanted to do something different. I’ve been using Quizlet all throughout high school and it has help me achieved high grades and also remember dense vocabulary words and terms. Not only did I use this app for English classes throughout each year, I used the app for other classes such as AP Biology and AP World History both of which contained a intense amount of vocabulary, terms, and concepts. With Quizlet, I was able to create study sets for each chapters in the classes. For example, in AP Biology I created a set for the unit regarding photosynthesis. This help me write down the processes and steps in which the plant makes its own food and the cycle it uses for making the food. This made it easier to remember it for the test. In AP World History I used Quizlet to make concepts and relative themes to different empires and how they changed and stayed the same throughout history. With Quizlet, it allowed me to create a diverse amount of flashcard sets which helped me condense my notes to make them easier to remember. My friends also found it useful as well. With new updates, came better innovations such as study tactics including studying the set from front and back, matching the word to its definition, guessing which word when given the definition, and studying as you would on a test with multiple choice included. My first app review went well because it is something I took an interest in and have been using this app for quite some time and its uses in school. Also this week, our teacher introduced us to Blab which is like multiple video chats with people Quizlet.jpgin your list. We were introduced to other tech teams in different states and found out many things such as how different is their team from ours and when they began. It was very interesting to see how even though we have never talked to them, but were communicating to them through our knowledge of our own tech teams. We also participated in our first live twitter chat with the hashtag #techteamMA where we were met and talked with other tech teams and help desk communities around Massachusetts. For this we had to schedule our tweets to questions that were given to us ahead of time. We used TweetDeck which is an innovative way for people to schedule tweets to go through at a certain date and time. It also allowed us to arrange the deck into different columns such as @mentions, messages, a column using a certain hashtag which for us was #techteamMA. With these columns all around us, it was calm and easy to navigate through and check if anyone responded, favorite, or retweeted our tweets and also allowed us to do the same as well. With TweetDeck on our side, conversations with other tech teams was a a fun way to connect with and expand our social skills while also teaching others about our own HelpDesk team. This week I also used Storify which is a website that lets the user create stories such as for myself I had to use the website to show the full conversations that took place between Students and Educators. It is a very useful website for someone who missed the live chat can go back and read through all the tweets as if they were there!


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