Quizlet App Review

Quizlet is an easy app to use for school. It allows for creation of vocabulary cards and sets right from your device! Say you write vocabulary words on a piece of paper which you worked hard on, but you lose the piece of paper, worrisome isn’t it? With Quizlet it allows for you to create flashcards directly on your device and saves it when you are done. You don’t lose any progress or any of the words as well. You can also make folders and share the vocabulary sets with your classmates to help each and everyone of you!


Say for example you needed to study for a biology test with included many terms. You create a new set and fill in a word such as I created on the left. The word goes on the left  while the definition goes on the right. After you create the set,  as you can see in the screenshots below, this app is very useful for studying. It includes many study tactics such as match, learn, test, and cards which are varied in their own ways.






















This app does is not designed for specific class, many other classes include history, english, science, even terms for math! I personally have used this app for an English Midterm which was a great way to help me study all the terms and even concepts. It is a great app for memorizing or even just keeping track of your words. This app for you as a student will help you organize and remember the words in a stress free fashion to allow for you to achieve the highest grade possible. Did I mention it was free? I highly recommend this app!

Click here to download the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quizlet-flashcards-study-tools/id546473125?mt=8


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