New Week. New Beginnings!

On my first week at Help Desk I was excited because it was my first time doing it. I was ecstatic to help people on my first day and in the future. My first problem I tackled was when a student came in and said that her iPad was not connecting to the school Wi-Fi and her Wi-Fi at home too. Using what Ms. Scheffer taught about addressing that type of problem, I immediately knew what to do. I asked for the iPad and showed the student what I was about to do. I went near the IT room and connected to ComOut which is another internet domain in our school. By connecting to that internet domain it allowed her to connect to the school Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi at home. Solving the student’s problem was satisfying because now she could use her iPad for her classes now without having to worry about not connecting to the internet. I took the initiative when Ms. Deacon called the office but I was with another student so I missed the call. I decided to call her back and introduced myself and by calling her back I showed that I did not want to disappoint anyone by not reaching out to them. Another example of when I offered excellent customer service is when Ms. Scheffer tasked me with helping Ms. Abbott whom was a former Spanish teacher of mine. The problem was that her projector was showing in different colors rather than the regular colors it is supposed to show. At first I tried resetting the color view back to its original settings but it did not work. This left me stumped as I tried it even again hoping it would work again but alas it did not. So I went to the source where the projector’s VG cable was connected into the apple TV. I noticed that the brand that connected the projector to the apple TV was not an apple brand. I switched the cable to the apple brand cable and surely enough it worked! Getting the problem solved felt pretty beneficial to me and the customer because I learned how to overcome a difficult problem to which I tried more than one solution to help fix it. Fixing the problem also gave me a confidence boost to which I really needed! For one of the problems I could not fix was when one of my Helpdesk partner’s posts were not displaying on his blog. Through trial and error, we tried many things such as deleting new categories and making new ones, trying it on a different device rather than the Macs, and even googling the problem could not provide us with a solution. However, when Ms. Scheffer helped him, the problem was that he needed to use a different email! I learned that sometimes the hardest problems have the the simplest solutions. For next week I plan to tackle every problem by trying everything rather than to google it because trying a wide array of solutions will give me knowledge of what to work on and improve the quality of the service!


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