Customer Service: Apple and Microsoft


Microsoft had an interesting customer service. When I first walked in I was greeted by the employee there. However the greeting was not what I expected. The employee greeted me with “Hey what’s up?”. I found this interesting but it might only have been pertaining to that one employee that said it. As I searched around looking another employee came up to me and asked if I was looking for anything specific which I replied that I was just looking around to which they replied that if I needed anything or had any questions that they could help me with. I found it interesting how Microsoft had a booth set up right outside their store which is a good marketing strategy so when people walk around they can notice the both and try out their products without going outside. The service was nice as they explained what each product was and what would be the best for the customer.



When I first walked into Apple I was greeting by the employee which asked how I was and if I was searching for anything specific. I also told him I was looking around and he replied with the same that the Microsoft employee did. Apple was more formal in the way they greeted customers by having always one person stand close to the front of the doors to help people that had an interest in their products. As I looked around I noticed it was busy considering how many people buy their products. They were always helping the customer such as explains new features of the new iPad Pro to a customer or helping the customer reach a conclusion on what kind of product they wanted to buy. It was all about understanding what the customer wanted and to help them select the best product for them.






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