Greetings! 1932336_577677705714857_8894329001365976558_n-2My name is Shivank Shukla and I am senior at Burlington High School. This is my first year at help desk for one semester. The reason I joined because I love working with technology and Help Desk is a way for me to experience and learn more about technology while also directly helping other people with their problems. Ever since I first received the iPad in freshmen year, I took a liking to it. I tried to find all the tips and tricks to the iPads and played around with the apps. The apps were very diverse in their own categories which could be used and applied in many different ways. My favorite app currently is Notability because of its assorted uses such as taking notes, importing pictures and documents right from Google Drive or other sources. The ability to draw over pictures and highlight specific text makes it a beneficial app for school. Technology helps me learn by finding new tricks and tips for iPads, Macs, and other devices in turn I can show other people and they can learn too. One of the best tips about iOS devices is that putting them on airplane mode actually makes them charge faster! In the future I hope to because a Game Designer and with a Major in Computer Science because it combines two of my favorite things, video games and coding and I know Help Desk would help me greatly in achieving that!


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